Combustion Turbine Generation

Phoenix has successfully constructed greater than 2,000 MW of gas-fired generation projects ranging in size from under 80 MW to over 500 MW in the US and Canada. These projects have incorporated a variety of technologies for simple and combined cycle plants spanning a spectrum of aero-derivative and frame technologies.

The construction of gas-fired power plants has been a core business for Phoenix for over 20 years.  Phoenix has experience with the major OEMs for both the aero-derivative and frame technologies in simple cycle and combined cycle.

Phoenix has tackled many complex projects in the US and Canada with significant challenges such as extremely tight site footprints, constrained project schedules, extreme cold and other harsh weather conditions, difficult soil conditions, and simultaneous execution of multiple projects, and has found ways to meet the requirements of our clients in a safe, fiscally responsible and quality manner.

George M. Sullivan Plant 2 Expansion
120 MW Combined Cycle Plant
Three Creeks Power Project 
690 MW Combined Cycle Plant
York Energy Centre 
400 MW Simple Cycle Peaking Plant
Pinelawn Power Project 
80 MW Combined Cycle Plant
Waterbury Generation 
100 MW Simple Cycle Plant
PP&L Edgewood 
80 MW Simple Cycle Peaking Plant
PP&L Shoreham 
80 MW Simple Cycle Peaking Plant
Hunlock Creek Energy Center
120 MW Simple Cycle Plant
Freeport Electric  
50 MW Combined Cycle Plant

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