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Phoenix Power Group, Inc. is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Contractor, providing turn-key power plant construction. Our principals and team of professionals have fostered successful relationships with power plant owners and operators throughout North America for over thirty years.​ Independent power producers, owners and contractors have relied on and selected the Phoenix Team to design, estimate and construct their high‐profile projects. Large or small, dedication and professionalism to the job are paramount to the selection of an EPC contractor. It is because of our expertise in a variety of complex professional electrical and power generation projects that our team has earned a reputation for service and integrity unparalleled in the industry.

Pre-Construction Planning


The ultimate success of a project is determined at the earliest stages of planning. We are able to leverage our past experiences and success in order to prepare a project for execution. 

Successful Execution Planning 

Effective pre-construction services and planning is the cornerstone of a successful construction project. The Phoenix approach to pre-construction is to serve our Clients as a reliable source of current, complete, and accurate information. This enables the project team to make informed and well-grounded decisions relating to the basis of design, balance of schedule, cost, and quality while considering not only the initial investment, but also the impacts throughout the project lifespan.

Phoenix is able to provide our Client's with effective and thorough project-specific planning for construction mobilization and execution, quality control, safety, and commissioning along with ensuring that these procedures align with initial development estimates for price, schedule and execution. 

Execution Planning

Phoenix can support our clients by implementing these key planning measures prior to project commencement. 

Development of a Project Execution Plan

Coordination of scheduled engineering activities with phases of construction activity

Permitting (i.e. roadway use and buildings)

Site logistics (i.e. temporary utilities, work spaces, and laydown and storage areas)

Mobilization planning (i.e. personnel, equipment, and required documentation)

Establish site-specific safety requirements

 Establishment of site-specific environmental protection requirements

Development of project-specific QA/QC plans

 Development of detailed work schedule (fragnet schedules where applicable)

Detailed Design & Pricing

As part of our pre-construction advisory services, Phoenix can develop detailed project design in coordination with an owner/developer.  By performing this work up-front, an owner can ensure certainty around project components, configuration and deliverables and, most importantly, cost.  Phoenix can perform full engineering/design and detailed estimating services (including soliciting firm equipment pricing) prior to commencement of construction, depending on the extent to which the pre-construction work is developed.

Major Subcontract Negotiation

Having been involved in the negotiation of numerous major equipment and supplier contracts, Phoenix can negotiate along with, or on behalf of, clients seeking to procure same. We would, at a minimum, ensure the following are within project requirements/expectations: 

Scope of supply
Permit compliance
Codes and standards compliance
Incentive/penalty alignment

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