Waterbury Generation Project 100 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant





​The Waterbury Generation Project is a 100 MW simple cycle plant, utilizing a dual fuel General Electric LMS-100 Gas Turbine Generator firing natural gas as the primary fuel with low sulfur distillate as the back-up.


The Gas Turbine is provided with a water injection system for NOx control. Turbine exhaust gas is directed to a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) for emissions control. Aqueous Ammonia (19 %) is used for the SCR. A single stage gas compressor is included to boost the natural gas pressure to 975 psig for the LMS-100. A single GSU transformer sends the power output from the gas turbine generator to the 115kV utility interface.


The plant features a liquid fuel storage tank with truck unloading facilities, including overhead weather protection and contained delivery area. These facilities are also utilized for aqueous ammonia unloading.


The plant also features demineralized water and aqueous ammonia storage tanks. Demineralized water is provided by a portable, trailer mounted system taking make-up water directly from the City Water supply.


The LMS-100 design uses an engine compressor intercooler to develop more power.


A four (4) cell forced draft cooling tower is used to provide cooling for the intercooler and the gas turbine oil cooler. The gas compressor bypass cooler is provided by the compressor manufacturer and is a fin fan type air cooler. The gas turbine inlet is provided with an evaporative cooler for summer operation.


The facility was constructed on property that once manufactured copper and brass components which required an extensive remediation of the site and the installation of piles to support the various foundations within the plant.

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