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Phoenix Power Group, Inc. is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Contractor, providing turn-key power plant construction. Our principals and team of professionals have fostered successful relationships with power plant owners and operators throughout North America for over thirty years.​ Independent power producers, owners and contractors have relied on and selected the Phoenix Team to design, estimate and construct their high‐profile projects. Large or small, dedication and professionalism to the job are paramount to the selection of an EPC contractor. It is because of our expertise in a variety of complex professional electrical and power generation projects that our team has earned a reputation for service and integrity unparalleled in the industry.

Project Delivery Methods

Phoenix has the flexibility to perform in a variety of execution models depending on the needs and preferences of our clients. As a Power Generation Contractor, Phoenix manages projects throughout the Life Cycle from beginning to end including securing permits, construction, equipment procurement, installation of equipment foundations, building structures, installing and testing the equipment and systems, and training plant operators. 


Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) Services

Our skilled project teams deliver turnkey combustion turbine, renewable fuel and energy solutions. EPC project delivery integrates the design, procurement, construction, startup and commissioning work on power generation projects. 

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Phoenix prides itself on its track record of executing power generation and energy EPC projects. From small CHP to large multi-unit frame power plants, renewable fuel processing, specialized hydrocarbon processing, biomass facilities and similar distributed generation, Phoenix has performed numerous projects following this turn-key “wrapped” project delivery solution throughout the US and Canada.


The EPC model removes the risks associated with labor cost, schedule, performance and management of multiple contracts from the project Owner/Developer while providing a risk-managed project providing a single point of communication and increased cost certainty. 

Our broad range of EPC services include:

  • Conceptual and detailed design engineering

  • Procurement and expediting

  • Construction and construction management

  • Project management

  • Quality control and quality assurance

  • Scheduling and planning

  • Cost and change management

  • Startup and commissioning

  • Training

Construction Management / EPCM

Under certain circumstances, an Owner/Developer has sufficient capability and financial independence to assume certain project risks and requires the expertise of an experienced contractor to manage the execution of their project. For these clients, Phoenix brings to bear our expert resources to oversee the project planning, engineering and construction of a project. 

Our clients rely on Phoenix to “Pull it all Together” by managing contracts and risk, planning for mobilization, overseeing personnel ensuring quality and safety, and managing site activities and project finances. 

As the Owner/Developer’s Construction Manager for numerous projects, Phoenix has established a track record of utilizing the same proactive approach to minimize costs and claims while delivering a quality project. This structure is sometimes applied as a first phase of a project where engineering and project definition are reasonably developed prior to arriving at a lump sum EPC price for the balance of the project.

 A unique set of management skills is necessary to supervise construction or retrofitting of an existing energy project  site, given today's bottom-line emphasis on environment, fuel efficiency, up-to-date technical features, and the industry's loss of experienced craftsmen and supervisory personnel.

Client Support

Client Support

Design / Build

Over the past few decades, use of design-build in both private and public sectors has greatly accelerated in the United States, making designbuild
one of the most significant trends in design and construction today.

Projects Optimized

Projects Optimized

With Phoenix executing as a single Design / Build entity, the roles of designer and constructor are integrated. Phoenix drives one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion essentially streamlining project delivery through a single contract between the Owner and the Design / Build team. 

This approach aligns the interests of both the designer and constructor and creates an alliance that fosters collaboration and teamwork. United from the onset of the project, an integrated team readily works to successfully complete a project faster, more cost effectively, and with optimized project quality. Change orders and disputes are significantly reduced in well organized, performance-based design-build projects, because of the sole-source responsibility inherent in the single contract. 

This structure often better suits portfolio operating companies that have established design philosophies and standards they wish to incorporate and manage during the engineering and design phase.

Typical tasks performed under a Design/build contract include: 

  • Design engineering (detailed completion for construction-ready documents)

  • Procurement/expediting 

  • Construction and construction management

  • Quality control/quality assurance

  • Startup and commissioning

  • Training

General Contracting

When an Owner/Developer directly takes on the procurement of the major equipment and design activities along with project performance risk, Phoenix is often asked to bring its construction management and controls expertise to function as General Contractor.  


Often for such engagements, Phoenix takes on all project construction required under a lump sum pricing arrangement where Phoenix manages and performs construction activities through a combination of self-performance and utilization of vetted qualified subcontractors.  


Phoenix has executed projects using this delivery method wherein the Owner/Developer realizes a cost efficiency while allocating the risk to the party that is best able to manage it.

Our experts in field construction focus on project planning, constructability, performance engineering, site preparation, rigging, erection, welding, system integration  and modularization.

Construction Solutions

Construction Solutions

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