Renewable Fuels

Phoenix supports the development and EPC execution of engagements on renewable bio-fuel projects

(also called "green" hydrocarbons) from biomass and waste sources through a variety of biological, thermal, and chemical processes. These products displace traditional petroleum based fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or natural gas with infrastructure-compatible renewable equivalents. 

Phoenix develops and executes projects for a variety of Renewable Hydrocarbon Biofuels production facilities utilizing biomass sources, including lipids (such as vegetable oils, animal fats, and greases) and cellulosic material (such as crop residues, woody biomass, and dedicated energy crops). These facilities vary in size and technologies and produce a variety of renewable fuels, including drop-in renewable diesel, pipeline quality gas and other synthetic fuels and beneficial bi-products. Technologies include traditional hydrotreating, hydrothermal processing, catalytic conversion of sugars, pyrolysis, gasification and other emerging processes.

Our project portfolio includes some of the world's largest anaerobic co-digestion plants in the US, clean energy systems converting biomass feedstocks into synthetic fuel or electricity, and commercial scale renewable diesel "drop-in" production refineries. 


Phoenix welcomes the opportunity to participate in projects that provide economical and sustainable fuel alternatives for transportation, power production and other energy uses, whilst supporting efforts to decarbonize our environment and supporting the sustainability goals for clients, corporations, government agencies and consumers around the globe. 

Emerald BioFuels 
6,500 BPD Renewable Diesel Fuel Refinery
RNG Energy Solutions
Organic Waste Anaerobic Digester Projects
Proton Power
Cellulose to Hydrogen Power (CHyP) Facilities
Dixie Pellet Manufacturing
Project 500,000 TPY Facility

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