Phoenix Power Group, Inc. is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Contractor, providing turn-key power plant construction. Our principals and team of professionals have fostered successful relationships with power plant owners and operators throughout North America for over thirty years.​ Independent power producers, owners and contractors have relied on and selected the Phoenix Team to design, estimate and construct their high‐profile projects. Large or small, dedication and professionalism to the job are paramount to the selection of an EPC contractor. It is because of our expertise in a variety of complex professional electrical and power generation projects that our team has earned a reputation for service and integrity unparalleled in the industry.

Our Commitment to Safety

Phoenix embraces the philosophy of safety as a core value. Our core business is executing EPC projects and our mission is focusing on performing the work safely. Our goal is a workforce that is focused on safety 24/7.

Safety Takes Precedence Over All Business Pursuits and Work Practices

Our job is to complete every project incident- and injury-free. Quanta’s management team creates a culture in which all employees have the opportunity and responsibility to take ownership for their safety and the safety of their coworkers. We’ve always held the belief that our most valuable asset – what truly sets us apart – is our employees. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than our employees coming home safely.

The purpose of the Phoenix Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Program is to provide a working environment free of work related incidents which would adversely impact our environment; or, the health and safety of our employees, while maintaining a fiscal responsibility to our company, its employees and clients.


Environmental Health and Safety responsibilities are an integral part of our business philosophy and our employees' daily work performance.



Both Quanta and Phoenix have exemplary safety records, which is a major reason why clients seek our services – our OSHA incident rates are among the best in our industry.


The following are the goals established in our program:


•   Target “0” as an achievable goal for EH&S work related incidents;

•   Involve management and labor in the development, implementation, 

    and maintenance of our EH&S program; and

•   Manage the EH&S Continuous Improvement Process to continually 

    incorporate better strategies and methods.

The Phoenix EH&S Program provides the framework for safety oversight and allows for integration of all specialty requirements for services provided by Phoenix and our subcontractors. The Program is designed to establish a consistent benchmark to continually address the risks throughout all phases of projects executed by Phoenix.

Successful implementation of our Health and Safety program on complex projects is a significant part of Phoenix and our team experience. Phoenix’s EH&S program fully complies with OSHA requirements.

Phoenix recognizes that EH&S accident prevention efforts and production work together. Production and EH&S improvements are best managed through a Continuous Improvement Process. Neither activity should be given priority over the other while promoting maximum efficiency which affects savings by reducing unplanned business interruptions. Phoenix requires that every member of supervision commit the time and resources necessary to ensure the EH&S of employees, projects and our clients at all times.

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