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Strength Through Our Partnerships

Phoenix is far more than just an EPC contractor.  We seek project opportunities where we can bring to bear decades of project development support, structuring and investment insight to take a project from an idea to a financeable project with certainty in execution. 

Identifying and Applying Optimal Solutions and Resources

Over the past several decades of supporting projects in a variety of ways, we’ve come to learn that the use of project partnerships, leveraging long-standing industry relationships, are often the optimal approach to assemble all the pieces necessary for a project to move forward. Phoenix employs partnerships in many ways to optimize project development and execution.

Quanta Services - The Power of One

Phoenix leverages “The Power of One” to provide a full-service approach from source delivery (fuel) to electric delivery (transmission). Phoenix integrates the capabilities and regional expertise of our sister companies, as needed, to support Phoenix in project execution in electrical and substation work, and other specialized capabilities such as solar installation and other renewable/emerging technologies, including microgrids, wherein our sister companies are among the industry leaders. 

No single provider matches Quanta’s scale and scope of work. Quanta’s geographical footprint continues to expand and its network of operating units provide local knowledge coupled with national experience. This regional coverage and expertise is available to support Phoenix in project execution by providing access to the local construction resources and specialized services from offices spread-out throughout much of North America. This capability is a valuable asset to Phoenix as it affords us the flexibility to execute projects throughout North America.

Development Expertise and Engineering Services

Incubating and Nurturing an Idea Into a Project

Phoenix routinely uses its industry knowledge and existing relationships in construction, development, finance and engineering to source project opportunities, and support the developer/sponsor in the various stages of development. Often these are opportunities where an exclusive, strategic partnership between the client and Phoenix, as EPC provider, adds value and provides a greater degree of certainty for a profitable and successful project. Phoenix principals have functioned as developers in the past and understand the needs of an early-stage opportunity and how to progress an idea into a full-fledged quality project.

Design Engineering 

Phoenix maintains an engineering capability in-house to provide for technical due diligence of an emerging opportunity and to manage detailed design engineering throughout each phase of a project. It is a conscious decision not to build or integrate a detailed design/engineering capability in-house as our philosophy is that the best technical team for a particular project depends on several variables, and one particular engineering team is not the optimal partner in each case.

Phoenix partners with select well-respected experienced engineering firms to perform front-end engineering and to manage detailed design engineering throughout each phase of a project. Phoenix has long-standing relationships with industry engineering leaders from having partnered on previous projects and chooses the appropriate Design Engineering Team for a specific project based on:

•    Technology to be utilized and Engineer’s experience with that technology;
•    Location of the project and Engineer’s presence or experience in that jurisdiction; and
•    Type of Project Financing, as non-recourse debt financing often requires the use of particular design engineering firms.

Phoenix staffs each project with an Engineering Manager to ensure that all aspects of the project’s design requirements are met.

Independent Investment 

The ability to respond quickly and competently to the needs of potential clients is a vital key to our success. In the energy market, this response has evolved to include not only engineering and construction expertise, but often, the ability to provide financing assistance to developers and investors in order to assist in bringing their projects to financial close. To capitalize on the opportunities available as a result of years of EPC project experience and an expansive network of relationships between our key personnel and developers, engineering firms, asset managers, investors and plant operators, Phoenix Power Group, Inc. can leverage the capability of offering readily available financing, in varying forms and levels, to the market. 

Phoenix has access to investment capital for projects that we participate in through varying forms, at the development support level and at the common equity level. At the project development support level, Phoenix has the capacity to invest in early to mid-stage development projects in a variety of forms of financial assistance including:

•    Contingent Equity or Capital;
•    Convertible Loans;
•    Bridge Loans (both recourse and non-recourse); and
•    Funding EPC development costs.

Phoenix appreciates that the timeliness of decisions and flexibility in the investment structure to suit the project’s needs is paramount. The Phoenix investment capability allows for quick approvals and flexibility in structuring. Phoenix fully supports this approach of investment participation as it ensures the alignment of interests with the project sponsor.

First Infrastructure Capital

At the common equity level, our parent Quanta offers an equity investment solution for quality well-structured projects through its investment vehicle, First Infrastructure Capital Advisors, LLC ("First Infrastructure").  


First Infrastructure seeks to provide the “first capital” in infrastructure assets and expansions across the project life-cycle. Leveraging the technical and operational expertise and resources of Quanta Services, Inc., the team at First Infrastructure has unique experience “shaping infrastructure” in all respects—financial, investments, engineering, construction, and operations.

Power of One
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