Cogeneration and Central Utility Plants

Phoenix is well versed in the construction of a variety of combined heat and power plants and central utility plants that generate not only electricity but also steam, chilled water, hot water and other secondary thermal benefits for commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial facilities.

Cogeneration and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is now a significant contributor to the power generation landscape.  This highly-efficient approach to generation has traditionally been used in the industrial sector, but is now also shown to be attractive for smaller applications such office buildings, industrial complexes, universities and hospitals. In addition to its inherent efficiency, CHP has become popular recently in large part due to recent storms, particularly on the east coast, as a more cost-effective way of providing independent power and resiliency, especially in support of microgrids.  

Projects that our team members have executed range from small CHP Projects as small as 2 MW to very large cogeneration plants.  Representative projects where some or all of the above-mentioned services were performed are noted below.

Kalina Cycle - Vapour Cycle  
Power Plant and Waste Heat Recovery Projects
Strathcona Cogeneration 
100 MW Central Utilities Plant
London District Energy
20 MW Combined Heat and Power Facility
University of Maryland College Park  
26 MW Combined Heat and Power Facility
Baltimore Inner Harbor East 
Central Heating and Cooling Plant 
Washington DC Convention Center
Combined Heat and Power Facility
Sweetheart Cup Owings Mills  
11 MW Combined Heat and Power Facility
NECCO Candy Factory
6 MW Combined Heat and Power Facility

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