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Our Core Values

The foundation of Phoenix’s success is the quality, innovation and performance of our people.

We challenge them to be the best they can be by empowering them to grow and flourish professionally

and personally, and in doing so, groom the future leadership of the company.  

Our Core Values:  Safety, Leadership, Ethics, and Sustainability 

Phoenix is founded on the principles ingrained in the organization by its founders and is built upon time-tested values of excellence and integrity. This means that we foster an environment where our people are working to the highest ethical standards and our company is being measured by the unwavering quality of the projects we execute. Working to the same philosophy of safety as our parent Quanta Services year after year, we are among the safest companies in our industry.

Phoenix embraces the Quanta philosophy of safety as a core value. Our mission is focusing on performing the work safely.


Our duty is to complete each and every project incident- and injury-free. The Phoenix management team creates a culture in which all employees have the opportunity and duty to take ownership for their safety and the safety of their



Our goal is a workforce that is focused on safety 24/7.


The strength of our company lies in the people that are steering the ship. The DNA of our leaders is energy and enthusiasm operating with integrity in all aspects of business.

We empower our people every day and nurture and seek resources to ensure we have the most capable and skilled people in the industry. 

In doing this, we deliver excellent services to our clients in the highest quality manner, on schedule and on budget.


At Phoenix, our ethical values are an integral part of delivering best solutions to our Customers.


They ensure that we do business with integrity and transparency and live by our unwavering code of conduct.  In doing so, we foster a professional climate where everyone can speak their mind and value the contributions of others.  


We leverage diversity to deliver the best solutions and inclusive culture where we are open and fair, showing trust and respect for each other.


In the same way we care for the lives of our people, we take the same approach to caring for our environment.  


As we work safely and support health and well-being, so too do we promote green solutions to the projects we execute and we run our operations in an environmentally conscience manner.  


We are accountable to future generations.

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