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Biomass to Synthetic Fuel & Electricity Products




Phoenix Power Group is providing development, engineering, and pre-construction services for several Biomass to Synthetic Fuels/Electricity projects throughout the US utilizing the Proton Power, Inc. (PPI) proprietary, patent-protected, clean energy system for the cost-effective conversion of a wide variety of biomass feedstocks into synthetic fuel or electricity.  In addition, the plants produce a high quality, semi-activated carbon biochar product with valuable agricultural and industrial applications.  

The PPI technology is a patented clean energy system that produces inexpensive hydrogen-rich gas stream on demand from biomass and waste sources. This core technology, referred to as Cellulose to Hydrogen Power (CHyP), is ideal for clean energy applications such as distributed or central-station electrical power generation, or production of synthetic diesel fuel. The co-products are biochar, which has valuable agricultural and industrial uses, and water.

Phoenix is EPC Contractor on several projects that are being developed to deploy the advanced PPI conversion technologies to process cellulosic biomass and other feedstocks, such as railroad ties, to produce synthetic and renewable transportation fuels.  These projects will process 450 to 1,000 tons per day of biomass wood and convert this green feedstock into 7 to 15 million gallons per year of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and 12,000 to 25,000 tons per year of biochar plant food. 

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