Emerald Biofeuls Renewable Diesel Refinery Project




Phoenix Power Group is providing development, engineering, and pre-construction services for a renewable diesel refinery project in Port Arthur, Texas that will produce 110 million gallons annually of commercial grade ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and certain co-products, including naphtha and liquefied petroleum gas, using proven Honeywell UOP/Eni Ecofining™ process technology.


Phoenix is the EPC Contractor for the Project that will utilize commercially proven refining technology capable of processing a variety of renewable feedstocks (waste oils, fats, greases and other agricultural oils) into fuel that meets ASTM-D-975 diesel fuel specifications. The Project produces a “drop-in” second generation biofuel that is chemically indistinguishable from petroleum refined diesel.

The project sells its entire renewable diesel output to one of the world's largest publicly traded (AA-rated) international oil and gas companies. The project also benefits from a long-term feedstock supply agreement, and third-party operations and maintenance arrangement, each with industry-leading providers of these services.

The production of renewable diesel is economically well-positioned through mandates by both federal and state governments in the U.S. and Canada. As an advanced biomass-based diesel fuel, the Project’s renewable diesel will generate renewable identification numbers (RINs) in accordance with the federal Renewable Fuels Standards legislation. The low-carbon intensity of renewable diesel will also qualify for credits offered by various states in the U.S. and Canada, most notably California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

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