Anaerobic Digester Projects for Renewable Natural Gas Production




Phoenix Power Group is providing development, engineering, and pre-construction services for multiple Anaerobic Digester Projects that produce Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from food waste and other organic materials throughout the United States.  Phoenix is engaged as the EPC Contractor for these projects. They will produce raw biomethane through the use of anaerobic digesters, that is ultimately converted to pipeline quality gas via a biogas upgrading system.        


The projects are nominally sized to process approximately 1,500 TPD of organic waste with the capacity to produce 1 million MM Btu/year of pipeline grade renewable natural gas (RNG) and nearly 20,000 TPY of Carbon Credits for sale. 


Development of these projects directly addresses the current and foreseeable demand for cost effective, sustainable solutions for recovering energy from organic wastes as a sustainable and renewable alternative to conventional solid waste landfill disposal or incinerators. Additionally, through the deployment of proven anaerobic digester technologies, the project is able to convert high-strength liquid organic wastes (typically unacceptable to municipal wastewater treatment) to high value renewable natural gas. Through additional processing, the raw gas is upgraded to pipeline quality gas for transport into the interstate pipeline system and used as a substitute for transportation fuels, thereby generating a highly-value RINs credit under the Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS) program.

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