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Dixie Pellet Project 500,000 TPY Wood Pellet Manufacturing Facility






​Phoenix acted as Program Manager to oversee the design and construction of this 500,000 Ton per Year Pellet Fuel Manufacturing Facility.


Pellets are manufactured from both green wood and sawdust and are barged from the facility in Selma, Alabama on the Alabama River to the Port of Mobile where they are then loaded onto ocean going vessels for transport to Europe.


The pellets are sold to European Utilities under long term fuel supply agreements to offset the use of coal in existing power plants in an effort to reduce the production of greenhouse gases.


The facility consists of two wood production lines, a ”Dry Line” that utilized saw dust and shavings from wood manufacturing facilities and a “Green Line” that takes harvested trees and brush directly from the forest.


Both processing lines include Truck Dumpers, Primary Hammer Mills, Hoggers, and Conveying Systems with Dust Control.


The Green Line also includes a two line wood dryer and wood fired combustor with appropriate pollution control equipment to provide heat for the wood drying process.


Processed wood is then feed through 15 Pellet Mills, Pellet Coolers where the finished product is either loaded directly onto barges or stored on‐site in silos.

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