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Strathcona 100 MW Central Utilities Plant






Phoenix supported ATCO Power in the development of the Central Utilities Plant (CUB) to support a new Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH) Facility that is being built in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. The CUB Project will provide all essential services including


The CUB configuration is based upon natural gas and Deethanizer Off Gas (“Off Gas”) that will fuel gas turbines and electric generators (GTG), to provide electrical energy, together with heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), to provide steam. Steam reliability will be provided by Auxiliary Boilers. The balance of-plant will support the operations of the CUB as well supply utility services to the PDH and PP.

​The CUB will provide all essential services including: electrical power, emergency power, pressure regulated natural gas, high pressure steam, boiler feedwater, demineralized water, potable water, utility water, and instrument air to the PDH Plant and the associated PP Plant. Raw water, fire water, return condensate, process gas (ethane and hydrogen rich streams), high pressure natural gas will be provided by IPL. Surplus power generated by the CUB will be exported to the grid.

The proposed plant will be located approximately three kilometers northeast of Fort Saskatchewan in Canada's largest industrial processing centers for petroleum and petrochemical industries. 

The project will be sized for 100MW of Cogeneration and will utilize multiple combustion turbine generators with HRSG's and will include backup steam generating boilers. Power will be provided via dedicated transmission from the CUB to the PDH along with a backup utility grid connection. 

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