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DG Whitefield LLC 15 MW Biomass Plant






The Whitefield Biomass Plant is a 15 MW generation facility located in northern New Hampshire. Operations began in 1988 and power is sold under a power purchase agreement. The plant consumes an average of 185,000 green tons of wood fuel per year sourced from numerous local suppliers.


The plant's successful environmental track record, modern pollution control equipment, and the installation of a regenerative scrubber system to lower NOx and an overfire air system to lower CO, all contributed to Whitefield's qualification as a Connecticut Class I Renewable Energy Credit ("REC") producer. Steam is produced by a 180,000 pound Babcock and Wilcox fixed grate boiler which powers a Westinghouse turbine/generator.

Erection Contractor (Mechanical/Electrical) for the 15 MW Wood-Fired Power Plant. The project included the following equipment:


• 150,000 #/HR B&W Boiler

• Precipitator

• 15 MW Condensing Steam Turbine

• Wet Cooling Tower

• Fuel Storage Silos and Open Fuel Storage Yard

• Fuel Handling & Conveying Systems

• ID & FD Fans

• Flue Gas Ductwork

• Stack

• Bailey Net 90 Control System

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